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About Cell Phones:Before You Buy a CellPhone

What You Need To Know About
Cell Phones
From Russell Ware, your Editor
and Guide
--------------------------- EDITOR'S
NOTE ----------------------------
------------------------- IN THE
Before You Buy a Cell Phone
The recent launch of the Samsung
Galaxy S4, and the excitement
surrounding it, has got me
thinking about the way that
people choose a new phone. I
have bought dozens... <a
href="​​cell-phone.htm%3Fnl%3D1">Read more</a>
Goodbye to SMS?
According to the research firm
Informa, instant messaging apps
such as WhatsApp have now
overtaken traditional SMS services
as a way of sending messages on
smartphones. In 2012, an
average... <a href="​​Fnl%3D1">Read more</a>
Cell Phone Guides and Tips
Having recently added some new
beginners guides for Android cell
phones, including guides on
dialing phone extensions
andÂconnecting to Wi-Fi on
your phone, I have spent some
time thinking... <a href="​​d-tips.htm%3Fnl%3D1">Read more</a>
---------------------------- MORE
TOPICS -----------------------------
Cell Phone Image Galleries
Cell Phones - The Basics
Cell Phone and Smartphone
Cell Phone Carriers and Service
Cell Phone Accessory Reviews
Software and Apps for Your
Smartphone and Cell Phone
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